Friday, March 07, 2014

Meal Plan March 7-14

Since I didn't plan anything on the last post for Friday, I'm going to put it here. And actually it's just what had originally been planned for Thursday, since Wednesday we ate leftovers.

Breakfasts will be the usual eggs. Lunch will be leftovers or deli ham with veggies.

Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: Irish Nachos
Monday: Maple-Glazed Salmon, Asparagus
Tuesday: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Tomato Soup
Wednesday: Sausage Kale Soup
Thursday: Bang Bang Shrimp, Coleslaw
Friday: Pork Yakisoba

Thursday, March 06, 2014

More Organized Home | Day 4

Even though I didn't complete hardly any of my daily goals, I feel like I got a lot done today. The bathroom got cleaned. We started re-arranging the living room. The piano is moved and a massive pile of stuff was picked up that used to be under the piano. :P
I actually only drank water. Oh well. I did get the bathroom clean. It was getting pretty cluttered.
15 min bathroom tidy

I made headbands for Vera and Elena. The one below is Vera's. She wasn't around for pictures ;)
I found some blue knit fabric for Elena's. Elena actually helped make hers, now all she wants to do is make headbands.
Here is the tutorial I used. It's really simple, and I actually sewed the ends instead of using hot glue.
 And finally, the 5 things I found to get rid of. Drawer organizers, a candle holder and old medicine.

More Organized Home | Day 3

I must have subconsciously known I would have no motivation yesterday. My goal list only had three items on it.
I did complete one goal, though. I made a meal plan, and a shopping list. The toys are still in the living room, but they got picked up. So I could say that goal is half-completed. :P

The assignment for day 3 was to clean out the freezer. I did get that done.

It doesn't look much different. I just had to throw away a couple of things, then wipe it down.

I think Day 4 will be much more productive. I have five goals for today and I don't feel as tired.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

More Organized Home | Day 2

Today's project was to clean out the fridge. I only had a couple of things to throw away. I took the shelves out and washed them in the bathtub. That's probably the cleanest they've been in ever.

Yes, there is a nearly empty bundt pan in the fridge. I had fruit in it and there is a lone pear in there.

The only thing I completed on my goals list was "drink water" and I picked up the girls' room (just didn't do any organizing). I did get other cleaning done though, so I'm not disappointed.

7 4 things I'm getting rid of

Ahhh. Clean kitchen

What We're Learning

I've just started a preschool curriculum with Elena. It is 28 weeks long which means we may not finish it because of a certain new baby.
Last week we worked on the letter "X" and the theme was "X marks the spot". There was a lot of treasure hunting.
Today we started our new week. The theme for the week is "G  is for Garden". We are learning the letter "G" and all about creation.

Here is what we did today:

Books we read:
The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
We read Genesis 1:1-8

We have some flower seeds that we split between a glass of water and a wet paper towel. We'll be doing more with those in the following days.

Elena is making a booklet on the story of creation. Today we read about the first two days. Separation of light from darkness and the separation of the waters.

Lastly we added photos of things that start with "G" to Elena's alphabet book.

More Organized Home | Day 1

I actually didn't do any of my challenge until after the girls were in bed last night. :P I am pretty good at procrastinating. 
I had a really hard time coming up with goals. The last time I made goals for myself was when I was in 4-H. So, at least I know how to make goals. :)
I do have a goal to read more non-fiction books this year. Since St. Patrick's Day is coming up I chose a book about him for my first book.
I have a really bad habit of not drinking any water. 2-1/2 quarts is what is recommended for pregnant women.

The 15 minute room pick-up actually took 45 minutes. It was pretty messy. That's why I didn't take a before picture...

This is what she does all day
Not pictured are the things I found to get rid of. I'm getting rid of a laundry drying rack, a shirt that Jamin hates and some winter gear that we don't use.
I also didn't do the "clean out your purse" part of the challenge because I just did that a couple of days ago.

Monday, March 03, 2014

January & February in Photos

Valentine Tutu

Food Stealer

Orange Julius

Road Trip

Montana Snow